Katharina Hohmann, 2011
  ENTROPHY – Müll und Kunst
Nicolas Raufaste works as a photographer and installation artist. His subtle, almost invisible, interventions in old, desolate industrial buildings are often prolonged dialogues of the artist with decay and order, with the long abandoned places and the objects left behind in them : Garbage.
Nothing is added ; nothing is brought in from the outside, except a single-lens reflex analog camera and a tripod. In Raufaste's photographs, the buildings, long devoid of meaning, are forced to a stop – a short delay in the decay – which is strengthened by the delicate interventions.
The young artist tidies up. He creates new, pointless order in which the objects start to live and develop relationships with each other. Suddenly a huge industrial shelving unit is full again, meticulously ordered, but without functional logic. The floor displays a geometric texture created from materials laid out on it that seem to indicate a new function of the cracked concrete. The rooms develop an ambiguity and tension.

  Nicolas Raufaste